What we do

Our range of services will help every broker manage their portfolio, whether you just need help tracking all the data, are taking a break and need your portfolio in good hands or are looking to retire.

For any broker

Loan Book Management

A full service that lets you focus on what you enjoy, winning new business. We’ll manage the rest:

  • Monthly loan-book reporting across multiple loan books from different aggregators.
  • Client relationship management activity including regular client communication, loan reviews and referral program, all branded with the broker’s branding.
  • Optional Loan maintenance activity such as product-switches, fixes and refinances.

The aim is to promote the broker rather than replace them with an outsourced service.

Management fees are charged based upon the size of the loan book.
For small operators

Loan Book Minding

Loan book minding is perfect if you just want some support managing your portfolio, whether in the short term or as an ongoing service.

  • Short-term, holiday, sickness cover
  • Diagnostics reporting
  • Work-in-progress
  • Client-care
  • Property listing report – we will let you know if any of your client have listed their property for sale or rent within the month – so you can contact them and ensure they come back to you for their new purchase
Management fees are charged based upon the size of the loan book.
For brokers preparing to sell

Sales Readiness Program

We manage the loan book for 12 – 18 months to maximise the quality of the book for sale. Also includes loan book diagnostics and scanning of files (if required).

Ideal for brokers considering selling their loan book who would like assistance in positioning their portfolio to attract the highest multiple.

Management fees are charged based upon the size of the loan book.

What if you could just do the parts of your job you enjoy?

For retiring loan book owners

Trail Book Management as an alternative retirement option

Outright sale

Upfront cash, but payments received from outright book sales, if reinvested still don’t match the trail cash flow

Vesting of shareholding

Staff member identified; client relationship transfer is managed; ownership is relinquished (5yr lead time)

  • Retain ownership & control of the trail book
  • Extend the customer & loan life
  • Improve long term value
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