Business continuity, succession & retirement planning is a process not an event.

Through this journey we manage your trail book for you.

What we do

Trail book management services for trail book owners wishing to step back from the day to day management of their trail book.

We provide a back-up and monitoring service which allows us to step in quickly in the case of an of an unexpected illness or death of the practitioner.

Trail Portfolio Services provides Mortgage brokers wishing to transition from the industry with an alternative to a full-sale of their loan book or simply letting it run off losing 25% of its value each year.

We allow the trail book owner to retain ownership of their book and extend the life of the trail book thus improving the capital return.

Buy / Sell due diligence on trail books

We assist mortgage brokers with buying & selling mortgage trail books [the asset only] by conducting due diligence on the historical trail commission statements.

We enable the mortgage broker to better understand where the value of the trail book is by way of our risk based appraisal process.

What if you could just do the parts of your job you enjoy?

our services

Trail Portfolio Services focuses on the ‘Loan Book Management’ or post-settlement phase of the loan writing process.

Radial data

Keep track of your information at all times

You can now access our range of monthly reports while on the move.

The Radial portal contains a range of data about your portfolio performance over the last 6 months and key reports like your Loan Age Mix, Average Loan Age and Portfolio Balance.

Why use Trail Portfolio Services?

Our experience

Our staff currently manage portfolios within the Connective OSN, Finsure, AFG, FAST & PLAN Australia aggregation services.

All staff are employees of Freshwater Financial Services [Australian Credit License 377179] and as such are fully compliant per the quarterly QED Complifast audits.